DataCenter error info: MySQL Query Error

Error Time: 2018-12-12 1:45am

SQL: select p.prod_id,p.prod_no,p.prom_type,p.clients_req,p.prod_name,min(sc.adult_sell_price) as adult_sell_price from t_prod p inner join t_schedule sc on sc.prod_id=p.prod_id and sc.status=1 where ( like 'shengya,%' or like '%,shengya,%' or like 'shengya,%' or like '%,shengya,%') and p.delete_flag=1 and p.prod_no<>IEWB5XG1 group by p.prod_id order by adult_sell_price
Error: Unknown column 'IEWB5XG1' in 'where clause'
Errno.: 1054